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Rad140/MK677– It contains RAD140 which is more anabolic than testosterone with ratio 90:1. MK677 provides support for growth hormone for lean mass and performance. Together it is as much powerful as some banned substances!

 This is probably the most popular stack out there for bulking. There are so many bodybuilders who actually have gone off from steroids to try this safer version. If you have this stack, you will grow. You will get the strength in the gym and you will be able to consume more calories as well.

  • MK677 in this stack works as growth hormone secretagogue, it will boost your HGH which is good for recovery, sleep and of course growing.

  • Rad 140 will increase your test levels. This combination can make you look completely different in 12 weeks time. If you are serious about bodybuilding, this is for you.